Regina Chain


Regina was established in 1919 with the name “Società Italiana Catene Calibrate Regina” and was initially active in the production of chains and free wheels for bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles.

After World War II, Regina started to produce industrial chains, also approaching the international markets. In 1956 Regina established Polimeccanica, a production subsidiary in Buenos Aires (Argentina), which is still operating today.


In 1958, the Group established Rex Regina in Olginate (Italy), a JV for the production and commercialization of industrial chains. The JV, dedicated to the European market, lasted 20 years until 1977, when Regina acquired full ownership of it.


In 1982, a conveyor plastic and steel chains manufacturing facility is established in Latina (Italy).


In 1985 Regina established Regina Warner in Cernusco (Italy), a JV to supply automotive timing chains on the European market. Also in 1985 Regina entered the North American market, establishing Regina USA in Cambridge, MD, which in 2008 was transferred to Milwaukee, WI.


In the 90s, the Group significantly developed internationally, establishing sales subsidiaries in Mexico, England and France, and, in 1993, a JV in China dedicated to the manufacturing of bicycle power transmission components.


In 2004, a productive subsidiary for the manufacturing and commercialization of conveyor chains and belts was established in Tianjin (China). Thanks to such early strategic move, nowadays Regina Group is a leading player in the Chinese high quality conveyor and industrial chains market.


In 2008, a productive subsidiary for the manufacturing of industrial chains was established in Spain.


Since 2009 to nowadays, the Group kept on growing and innovating its product offer, dedicating its efforts to more and more delivering total quality solutions to customers.